Awanmulan consists of 5 rooms and a camp site, each with its own unique layout and size to fit various number of guests with comfort and serenity.
Each room has private bathroom, kitchen, dining and BBQ area but everyone shares one large swimming pool.


Family sized room. Suitable for four to six people. It also has stairs that lead up to Durian Runtuh for access by larger groups booking both rooms. It can be booked together (at a batch discount rate) with Durian Runtuh. For more information on the Durian Runtuh room click here

  • Medium sized family (6 adults)
  • 2x queen beds
  • 2x single beds
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Rahsiah is an intentionally misspelled malay word meaning secret.

Its somewhat hidden location underneath Durian Runtuh gives a feeling of a secret place hidden from the attention and notice of the world, great to rest and rejuvenate.

Very suitable for a family with kids or group of friends. Sleeps 4 to 6 people.