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A platform for two large tents 2 to 8 people with a shelter

And when the fire flickered
and embers began to form.
We snuggled in our sleeping bags
all cozy, tired, and warm.

By the Campfire

apabila api berkelip, bara api mula timbul kami meringkuk bawah selimut selesa, mengantuk

Khemah is the malay word for camp. Our camp ground has a platform that can fit two large tents and a shack for activities with tables and chairs, a kitchen sink, a toilet and shower, a hammock and BBQ pit. It has piped water but no electricity and so also no heating. There is only light illumination from our solar powered fairy lights.

For those new to camping, it is 'Camping-light', in between the rawness of wild camping and the luxury of glamping. A good first step for those beginners before venturing out into the wild. It is also the only place where we allow pets to come stay so you can bring your canine, or feline (or other) friends with you.

The nights are cool, and plenty of jungle sounds through the night from insects to animals foraging in the bushes below. On clear skies the valley is clearly visible from your tent as you go to sleep to a soft cool hill breeze.

For those without a tent, we are able to provide a 4/5 person tent and jungle hammocks with mosquito nets. Setting up tent is possible on the tent platform as well as under the shelter for rainy days.

Some further details

  • Pets are allowed at Khemah
  • Private toilet, bathroom, BBQ and kitchen sink and dining area. Exclusive use by you only.
  • No Electricity. Solar fairy lights only for dim night time illumination
  • Children 12 years and under - half price. By this we mean young kids (small sized) are half price. Teenagers and adult sized kids full price.
  • Tent not included unless requested
  • Optional Charge inclusive setup and take down: for a tent or jungle hammock. Do enquire
  • Price please refer to booking link below

Notice!: Khemah is meant for use by visitors who actually want to camp and enjoy camping, and not as a way to add more people beyond a room's capacity. Customer's booked into Khemah are expected to stay there and not on floors in other houses.

!!! We have simplified our pricing !!!

We have changed all pricing to a base price which applies on all dates whether weekend or weekday, public holiday or school holiday.

This will allow you to get the same price as you plan properly into the future at the same low price

Thank you for choosing Awanmulan. We hope to see you soon!

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