- 90 to 120 minutes in total

- Walking on river rocks

- Swimming

- Waterfall


The hill road that snakes it's way up to us from the village is so narrow and so winding because it runs parallel and follows the Berembun river just alongside it. The Temuan River Trek, so named because the river runs right through the lands of the indigenous peoples of this area; the Temuan, with their villages and homes on either side of it. The river has it's source deep within the Berembun forest reserve just adjacent to Awanmulan. Flowing down various hills and snaking it's way west words through valleys and steps, it emerges from the forest, down past the Temuan villages and into and beyond Kampung Baru Pantai.

It is a narrow river with lots of rocks of various shapes and sizes which makes for a very diverse river of deep pools, waterfalls, wide shallow sections followed by narrow fast sections. Walking the river will show you these variety of rock formations under majestically tall rain forest trees that stretch as high as a ten story building. Take a slow walk stopping in several locations to take in the scenery and ambiance, or go fast in a river run, challenging your dexterity, skills and balance on the river rocks.


  1. Full length Temuan river trek from the waterfall up to the gate: (1) to (4). You will need some good footwear and clothing that can get wet and you WILL get wet. There is no avoiding it. Balancing on wet river rocks will require some skill and agility. Running it will require the same plus good reflexes, balance and a certain amount of madness.
  2. Waterfall loop leaving the river at the Hindu Temple (1) to (2). A short intro to the river trek which is very short and allowing for nice relaxing time at the waterfall
  3. Visit the river for a short dip at location (3). If you are lazy and don't want to exert much effort, just a short visit to the river will be okay. Just a short descent from the road just a stone's throw away from it.