Day Visitors

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Day Visitorsa short day outing

Come for a day Morning to after lunch, Afternoon to after dinner Use the pool Have a BBQ Do a photography session! Lunch and Dinner included

In the blue sky just a few specks of gray In the evening of a beautiful day Though last night it rained and more rain on the way And that more rain is needed 'twould be fair to say On a gum tree in the park the white backed magpie sing He sings all year round from the Summer to Spring But in late Winter and Spring he even sings at night So nice to hear him piping in the moonlight Spring it is with us and Summer is near And beautiful weather for the time of year Such beauty the poets and the artists inspire Of talking of Nature could one ever tire Her green of September Mother Nature wear And the perfumes of blossoms in the evening air.

Francis Duggan

You can't come to stay for a night? Why not come for the day? We have two sessions per day; a morning session till the afternoon which is inclusive of lunch or an afternoon session till after dinner which is inclusive of dinner.

You can come with a partner or some friends and have a BBQ and use the pool or even take some photographs for your own collection or perhaps as part of a pre-wedding photography session.

You can use the common areas like the pool, the pool house, the pool deck, the lounge, the meeting room and various other corners around the compound for pictures or just chilling out.

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